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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A quick review of how this low angle image was made.

On a typical breakfast stop in Mara we parked our 4X4 under a tree and spread out our food on the car and started to eat. In a short while we found ourselves surrounded with 4-5 starlings who were engaged in picking left over bread pieces along with other insects from the ground. As they were getting used to this I decided to try and put my GoPro Hero 7 on the ground.

They were moving around all the place which was good for me so I didn't have to shoo them away while I set up the equipment very quickly. I put it on the movie mode to intend to capture their speedy feeding behaviour. And of course we were able to extract an 8Mb JPEG frame from the video as well.

GoPro set-up at the breakfast site.

The only key thing to do here was to ensure that the camera is not totally engulfed by the bird or the grasses. So had to tilt it a bit to bring in the sky. Lucky for me the cotton clouds enhanced the frame of the image and this lovely portrait was achieved.

Do look at the footage below to see the original capture.

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