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I am VIJAYRAM HARINATHAN, a photographer by intent, that is based on - sharing nature and its wonders for those who can and cannot be a part of it. An endeavour that started in India and has now spread to East Africa. Life in the wild is a lot inspiring - it's tough, it's unpredictable, it's brutal but its carried on at such grace that there is nothing else to me that is more mesmerising and inspiring.

The big part of my passion is reproducing the frames in fine-art prints. "Being a black&white or a color image their final destination is print" - that's an unshakable truth in my head. One has to see it live on a wall to relish and relive the moments.  In my journey, I process and print my images for art lovers, clients, and anyone who wants to bring nature home.




  • 2022 Mkapa Wildlife Awards Winner - 'Animal Behaviour' Category - View the 2022 winning images here

  • Canon India social mentions here


  • Canon R5

  • Canon 5DM4

  • Canon 500mm IS

  • Canon 50mm

  • Canon 70-200 IS III

  • Tamron 17-35

  • Epson inkjet printer P900

  • Benq SW270 calibrated monitor

  • Hahnemule fine-art media

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