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Swamp Elephant - Image making approach

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A blog from 'behind the image' series of a swamp elephant at Amboseli National Park. #amboseli #behindtheimage #fineartprint #elephant #canon

Capturing close up of elephants is an opportunity I constantly look out for. During a trip to Amboseli in 2023 I managed to spot a sub adult grazing in a swamp not very far from the the road. A wide angle image in my mind with the skies and water was immediate. I positioned my subject at the center as I knew that the 16-35 F2.8 from canon would do the rest of the work. The following is the image.

An elephant photographed in the swamps of Amboseli.
Swamp Elephant - a wide perspective

While waiting for sometime, it became apparent that the elephant started moving closer to the road - we picked that and with cautious approach managed to inch closer so as to get a possibly close proximity for an even better wide angle shot of its feeding. Finally it came as close as possible.

You can see how I employed low angle option with a monopod fixed to my DSLR's hot shoe and captured the following image.

Resulting images of the swamp elephant.

Hope you experienced the moments I tried to relive through this 'Swamp Elephant - Image making approach' article.

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