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Buffalo Hunt

Well, its the day we were checking out of the camp and planning to drive around before getting dropped to the airstrip in Mara. 8:15 AM was the flight and at 7:45 our guide Simon takes us to witness a Buffalo hunt. When you get told 'it is never over in Mara, till it really is', you now tend to agree!

The Topi pride who we had been tracking in the earlier day were now pursuing an assured kill - a lone buffalo, presumably weak and separated from its herd was grazing in what was otherwise an uneventful morning. Our guide asked us to watch a little ahead (behind the buffalo's back) and we could see the drama unfolding - Topi lionesses one after the other emerging alongside the youngsters ready to take up their breakfast.

Images below show how one of the lioness took lead and pounced on the buffalo. The struggle was short lived as the prey was outnumbered and it had to succumb to their hunger quickly.

Below is a lovely footage captured by our guest Jayanthi Giri and it documents the entire drama unfolding in front of us. The buffalo casually grazing only to be surprised by the approaching lioness - the lioness leaping on the buffalo to bring it down within 10 seconds. A short but eventful morning leaving all of us in awe!

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